• height: 176 cm
  • shoe: 39
  • breast: 75 A
  • bleu eyes, long brown hair
  • no tattoos


With Aron Quadu and Stef Stockmans


With After All and Jeroen Mylle


With Secced and Delimex


With Mute Thai and Seb Antoine


Girl in the statue with Bjorn Tagemose


2 thoughts on “Model

  1. Mooi die nieuwe site van je Khiara!
    Overzichtelijk, makkelijk kortom: toppie!
    Dank ook om naar mijn site te refereren.
    Op naar een verdere fijne samenwerking.

  2. Hi khiara

    sorry for disturbing you. I saw some of your work on instagram by accident, really awesome, big compliment!

    my name is pascal heimlicher and i am a professional photographer from switzerland moving to L.A. in november this year.

    I am looking for other people in the fashion business for a possible cooperation or future projects.


    Do you only work for commercials or also for international magazine editorials and stories? Is there any agency i have to contact which is representing you? 

    I hope we can stay in contact and maybe one day meet for an awesome teamwork.

    are you on facebook too?

    kind regards, 

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